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Funeral Plans

Taking out a funeral plan is one of the most thoughtful decisions you could make.

We are sensitive to the fact that people do not really want to think about the inevitable. However we are mindful of the effects losing someone has on those left behind. We spend our lives trying to do the best for our loved ones and keep them from harm and upset. You can help to reduce those stresses by ensuring everything is taken care of when the time comes. One of the most rewarding and thoughtful things you can do is to arrange and pay for your service in advance. Many people who have had the task of arranging their loved ones service said that it robbed them of their time to grieve. At a time where emotions are running high it has the potential of opening up divisions within the family due to disputes on what they believe they would have wanted.

Beat rising Costs

The average cost of a funeral at today’s prices is £3700.00. This is expected to rise above a staggering £10,000! within the next 13 years. This means that if there are not adequate provisions in place to cover the costs of the funeral, loved may be forced to use their savings or take out a loan to cover this expense meaning their quality of life may be affected for years to come. This may not even be an option meaning you may end up with a “paupers” funeral. We often hear stories of Funeral Directors pushing unneeded and expensive add-ons as the family who do not want to say no as they feel they have to do right by the loved ones. This grossly inflates the cost. There are various plans available depending on your requirements. You can either pay in full or monthly instalments. Interest Free payments available over 12 and 24 months. Maximum term 120 months (10 years) Prices start as little as £21.29* a month. Your money will be kept in a secure managed trust fund. If you were to pass away before the end of the term then only the shortfall will need to paid. For more information call us today.
*£250 deposit required

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