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Will Storage and Important Document Storage

Where should I keep my documents?

Don’t leave it to chance!

Leaving your Will and other important documents at home is not advisable for many reasons. For example if your Executors were unable to locate your original Will then you will be deemed to have either destroyed it or never have made one and therefore will be classed as having died Intestate. This means that your estate will be disbursed as per the rules of intestacy meaning that your estate may not be distributed as you intended.

Furthermore, by leaving your documents at home you leave them accessable to others. This means that your Will contents will not remain private and therefore it may be amended or intentionally destroyed by someone who does not agree with its contents. Also, you may suffer a flood or fire at home that may destroy your documents.

One of the most common reasons that Wills fail to get probate is because they have not been executed properly. Many people make the mistake of having a beneficiary or the spouse of a beneficiary or someone else that is not suitable, witness their signature. This means that the Will does not fail but the gift to the beneficiary fails instead.

Many people make the mistake of attaching paperwork to the Will using either paperclips or staples. If there is any evidence that documents were attached to the Will then the court may believe these documents have been removed therefore causing the Will to fail.

If any of these were to happen it would cause those left to deal with the administration of your estate great difficulty obtaining Probate. Your estate will also incur unnecessary costs and delays.

To mitigate these risks we highly recommend that you keep your Will and other important documents in our secure storage facility. By choosing to keep your documents with us, we will ensure they are safe from destruction or amendment and that they have also been witnessed correctly.

As part of our service we will write to your executor(s) to inform them of where your Will is being kept when the time comes.

Remember the cost to keep your Will secure far outweighs the expense and stress of a failed Will.

You can opt to pay us an annual or a one off lifetime charge.
Cost: Annual Storage £20.00 Per annum (single will) or £30.00 (Mirror wills) or Lifetime Storage £50.00 (Single Will) £75 (Mirror Wills)

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