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Police Officers

Flat rate tax relief for Police Officers

Most police officers are entitled to claim a special flat rate tax allowance of £140 every year. If you pay tax at the basic rate (20%), this means you will save £28 per year by claiming this relief. You can claim this back for the last 4 years, so could potentially receive a cash rebate of £112 if you have not claimed before. The following ranks are eligible to apply:
  • Police community support officer (PCSO)
  • Constable
  • Sergeant
  • Inspector
  • Chief Inspector
All police officers in the above ranks can apply. This allowance is not just for uniformed officers – you can claim this allowance irrespective of whether you wear a uniform.

Police Federation Subscriptions

If you’re a member of the Police Federation (PolFed), you are entitled to claim tax relief on your monthly subscription (currently £21.58/month). The tax saving per year works out at £52, meaning you can claim a tax rebate of £208 if you have subscribed for the last 4 years and not submitted a claim! Note: If you work for the Metropolitan Police, the tax relief for Police Federation is provided at source through your wages so you cannot make an additional tax rebate claim for Police Federation costs.

Other uniformed police employees

If you don’t fall into one of the ranks listed above, but are required to wear a uniform to work, you can still make a claim. You can claim a rebate of £48 if claiming for the last 4 years. You can only claim if your employer does not contribute towards the cost of cleaning your uniform.

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