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Are You Entitled to a Teacher Tax Rebate?

Teachers and other education professionals can claim tax relief on costs such as professional subscriptions and other work related expenses. Depending on your circumstances, claims can be backdated to cover the last 4 tax years, so don’t miss out on what you are entitled to.

Professional Fees and Subscriptions

You can claim tax relief on fees and subscription costs to many unions and professional bodies including NUT and NASUWT. HMRC maintain an approved list of professional organisations that are eligible for relief. The amount available to claim back will vary depending on the agreement that is in place; your particular organisation will be able to inform you of how much tax you can claim back. If you have previously paid fees to a General Teaching Council, you can also claim tax back on this cost. Tax can be claimed back on all UK General Teaching Council fees, including those that are now obsolete.

Tax relief is not automatic – you must claim it!

If you are eligible for tax relief – this will not be applied automatically. It is therefore important that you submit a claim to HMRC.

Uniform Tax Rebate for Teachers

If you’re a Physical Education teacher or have to teach or supervise any other sports lessons, tax relief can be claimed on sportswear and equipment that you’ve purchased yourself. You may also be eligible to claim an allowance if you have to wash any specialist clothing or uniform. HMRC allow expense deductions for the cost of both maintaining and replacing games kit.

Mileage Allowance for Teachers

If you’re a teacher who needs to travel to different schools in order to perform your duties, you may be entitled to claim for business mileage. This is not available for general commuting between home and a permanent place of employment; however if you’re a Peripatetic teacher working in more than one school or college you may be eligible. Don’t miss out tax rebates that you are entitled to. We’ll submit your claim for you; it’s completely free to apply and takes just 5 minutes of your time – a worthwhile investment!

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